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That's the Ticket, Cricket! Cover

Picture Book:

That's the Ticket, Cricket! 

Jumping Jack Monroe is a cricket, and like all crickets, he loves to hop, chirp, dance, and sing. There's only one problem: Jack has never heard real music. Come join Jack as he embarks on a quest to find his sound and his place in the world.

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Y.A. Novel Series

Timp and The
Blueberry Vikings Book 1

Timp lives on a blueberry farm with his parents, and he hates it. The summers are brutal, the work is hard, and the days are lonely. So when a corporate mogul threatens to take the farm, Timp says he can have it, that is until a gang of bee riding Vikings show up. They’re tiny, blue, and tattooed, but their attitudes are GIANT. But if they can learn to work together, they just might save the farm. That is, if the Vikings don’t drive Timp crazy, first.

In Progress. (Written, now illustrating)


Viking pushing blueberry
Shawn looking at Vikings on stack of  papers

Timp and The Blueberry Vikings Book 2 

Timp and the Blueberry Vikings are at it again in this action-packed, follow-up novel. It's got giant beasts, epic battles, and dragons. That's right, DRAGONS! You can't miss this one.  

In Progress. (Written, not yet illustrated)

Graphic Novel

T.E. Deadly

Totally Expendable and Deadly (T. E. D.) is an assassin, and it's going to kill you to wait for this gritty and heartfelt graphic novel. 

Next big project (Drafted, not illustrated)


Ted smoking cigar
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